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Sanding Discs - 150mm No Hole Grip backed (hook and loop)

PAPER ABRASIVES - Mirka manufactures durable and high quality paper abrasives forachieving an optimal sanding result. All-round products for multipurpose use and suitable for both machine- and hand sanding. Our wide product range covers the full scale from coarse to fine.
GOLD- Durable, all-round sanding material is very well suited for high speedsanding in a multitude of applications.
DEFLEX- This durable, long–lasting sanding material is a multifunctional product that’sadaptable to suit most purposes. Deflex features a latex-impregnated paper which ensures smooth and flexible sanding even on surface edges.
COARSE CUT- A specially reinforced backing material and Mirka’s Progressive Bond™ dustbinding technology, make Coarse Cut ideal for all kinds of coarse sanding work. Features include, flexibility on rounded surfaces, excellent edge wear resistance and minimal clogging.

FABRIC ON FOAM - Specifically developed for surface preparation and finishing prior to polishing. Used in this mode Abralon produces an ultra-fine, consistent surface finish that is perfect for speeding up the polishing process.
Abralon is a unique, multifunctional sanding material developed for tackling both smooth and profiled surfaces. Its patented, flexible construction allows it to create a smooth sanding pattern on angled surfaces and edges while minimising the risk of pressure marks. The flexible weave also allows water and air to pass freely, making it suitable for both dry and wet sanding, by machine or by hand.


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Our non-woven product range is developed forcontoured surface conditioning, cleaning andfinishing.

Thanks to its special structure, Mirlon is a flexible, three-dimensional fibre
sanding material that’s easy to use on profiled surfaces and produces an
excellent finish. It’s ideal for matting of surfaces and creates an excellent base for
the next lacquer layer.

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