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Hermes (100 per pack)

Dust-free sanding.


Hermes MULTIHOLE Abrasive tools
for a perfect preparation before lacquering

The end of the abrasive tool life is frequently determined by premature loading with dust. Although conventional extraction processes reduce loading, they cannot prevent it across the whole of the tool surface, in particular.

For the first time, Hermes MULTIHOLE abrasive tool make it possible to sand virtually cleanly without the symptoms of loading. Perforation of the whole of the surface of the abrasive tool enables dust to be extracted efficiently from the entire surface of the tool.

Product benefits you will appreciate

  • Lower sanding costs, as sanding can be performed without loading problems
  • Longer tool life compared to conventional extraction methods
  • High sanding performance: shorter sanding times mean higher productivity
  • Continuous extraction of dust from the whole surface means much better sanding pattern:
    no formation of "built-up", minimization of dust residues on sanded surfaces
  • Better surface quality: cooling flow of air over the whole surface of the abrasive tool reduces sanding temperature
  • Avoids problems caused by sanding dust in paint cabins or other adjacent working areas
  • Hermes MULTIHOLE abrasive tools can be used universally on all  con­ventional backing pads with extraction holes
  • Reduced loading with dust: better working conditions at work-stations

Hermes Multihole 80grit velour backed discs 150mm

  • High quality aluminium oxide discs with a long life coating and a patented Multi-Hole design to reduce surface dust and the disc clogging. No dust build up on the abrasive grain when used with extraction to give swirl free finish.
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