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Launched in 1997, Bona Mega is one of the best-selling waterborne finishes in the world. Bona Mega is one-component, but as crosslinking is achieved using the oxygen in the air it has the performance of a two-component finish without requiring any addition of hardener. It has all of the advantages of a waterborne system and a solvent content of approx. 5%.

Bona Mega Floor Seal 5ltr

  • The innovative formulation of Bona Mega offers the superior performance of a 2-component finish inside a 1-component product offering superior protection against spills and scuffs. No mixing is required which means that it can be conveniently used straight from the bottle. Bona Mega is versatile and ideal for wooden floors in offices, smaller shops, hotel rooms and similar locations and as a premium choice for homes. Highly recommended for plank floors and floors with underfloor heating. KEY BENEFITS • Superior protection against spills and scuffs • 1K simplicity with 2K performance • High resistance to wear • Highly recommended for underfloor heating • Excellent flow and levelling • Proven track record, still unique after 28 million litres and 136 million m2 covered • Made of renewable resources for the most part • Friction approved to DIN 18032:2
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