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VC 154-Longlife VEL 100 pack 50mm discs
Light and velour-backed aluminium oxide abrasive
paper with active additives
Product Benefits
• Flexible, wear-resitant Latex paper backing assures very good
adaptations to contours
• Low clogging with sanding dust due to semi-open coating and
additional coating with additives
• Consistent stock removal rates and consistent roughness values
during the whole grinding process
• Sanding lacquer of autobodies and attaching parts (cataphoretic
painting/filler/topcoat), e.g. automotive industries
• Sanding off old lacquer coatings and preparation for new
lacquering (primer and filler), e.g. aircraft industry and waggon
• Sanding off old lacquer coatings and initial sanding GRP cover and
gel coat, e.g. Yacht & Boat industry
• Sanding off old lacquer coatings, intermediate sanding primer and
filler, form sanding filler, matting lacquer, sanding transition points,
rust and stone-chipping, e.g. automotive refinishing

50mm VelourBacked Discs. Hermes VC 154-longlife 100 pack

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