Pad Sander Belts. Made to Measure.

We manufacture Pad sanding belts on site using Mirka Jepuflex aluminum oxide paper.

We can make any size belt ranging between 150 x 3000-9000mm

Prices are based on size ranges, please select the belt size that falls within the range and then send us an email with the exact size and grade/grit needed. For example the belt size you need is 150 x 6900 please select option 150 x 6800-7100.

Available Grits/Grades 60, 80, 100, 150, 180, 240

Minimum order quantity is 5 belts. All belts are made to order. Please allow 7 days for delivery.


"A high class abrasive product with a wide application area. The focus of the optimization work has been the sanding of hard wood such as beech, birch and oak. The strong antistatic paper provides dimensionally accurate and reliable wide belts. Full resin bonding and aluminium oxide grain guarantee a very durable product. Silicon carbide grain used in the coarsest grit gives extra strength to the product. These qualities together with a well adjusted coating density make Jepuflex Antistatic a genuine all round product that works well also on metal, plastic and lacquer."

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