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EC1 Plus Products

"For the Protection of health and the environment"

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Here at EFA we take extensive measures to make sure our customers get the correct products for their requirements. Recently we have been working alongside one of our most loyal and long serving customer to find products that have the Emicode EC1 Plus Certification to make sure they meet the requirements on LEEDV4, WELL, SKA and the latest BREEAM 2018 standards. These include Low Modulas, General Purpose and Intumescent Silicone Sealants. Mirror Adhesives, Panel Adhesives, Multi Use Adhesive, Tiling and Flooring Products from Industry leading Manufactures.


A word from Emicode:

"Clean indoor air – for the health of your family!


"People tend to spend more and more time indoors. Therefore, indoor air quality and emissions from indoor installation materials on floors and walls are increasingly becoming more important.


In order to achieve a healthy living environment it is important to pay attention to ingredients of materials for flooring installation, and construction products such as insulation panels, adhesives or seals to ensure greatest possible protection regarding health, environmental and indoor air hygiene you should rely on materials awarded the EMICODE® label. They are very low in emissions, meet the strictest tolerances and standards and are permanently monitored by independent inspection bodies. As a result, EMICODE® guarantees a clean and safe indoor air quality for years to come – for a healthy and comfortable climate in your own home."

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Where can I buy EC1 products?

If you have been asked to source products that are EC1 or EC1 Plus tested then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01702 549222. There is a good chance we will have it in stock or due to our ever growing knowledge on what products are available be able to identify the correct products for your requirements and get them to you as quickly as we possibly can.

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